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I'm in Canada, and I found a pair of frames that I LOVED, but at the time they were overpriced. I found Go-Optic and found the same frames for a fraction of the cost. I thought it was a bargain. Not only that, but I have family down in Phoenix so I thought I would ship to them and pick them up when I was down there.

They sent an email by the time I was down there saying they were on back-order. I called and customer service to see when they would be arriving and they were very rude. They informed me that they were on back-order AGAIN (twice now) and so I left Phoenix without glasses.

I called and asked them to change the shipping information to Canada (no problem there), but by this time they were placed on back-order a third time. I was getting annoyed. No one could give me an answer as to when I should expect them! Everyone told me a different story and always passed me off to someone else! No one could keep their story straight.

It is now May, I got an email stating they would be shipped out May 10 at the latest but today got an email saying they were on back-order for a forth time and wouldn't be here until May 19. I called and cancelled my order.

They are terrible to deal with, rude every time I called and not helpful at all! WORST PLACE TO TRY AND GET GLASSES. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

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