they have professional looking web site... more like professional scam artists or just a bunch of incompetent employees.

placed an order april 6; then had to e-mail them my doctor's lenses prescription. ok, that's fine. I made a call to their customer service april 11 because they needed further information. lenses hadn't been ordered yet so that's why I called to make a slight change on lenses I wanted.

i do have a higher prescription than most however it SHOULD NOT TAKE MORE THAN 2 WEEKS TO MAKE GLASSES! The first week, I called they said lenses had to be ordered and my order would ship by april 26th. I waited for my shippment confirmation by e-mail but by april 26 still nothing. so I called them, the first answer I received was one pair was ready to ship my eyeglasses but the sunglasses weren't - the tint was drying.

can't cut the lenses still done drying so not shiping till next week. I asked to speak to a manger because now I was done hearing their nonsense. waited 10 minutes for manager to come on line but had to hang up. manager did actually call me back...and what she told me really got my frustration up even higher.

"well, we are still waiting on the second pair of lenses - we only received one out of the two lenses you ordered. we haven't even cut the one lense we received-- which would you prefer us to make, your eyeglasses or sunglasses?" told her, i want my both pairs like promised that were supposed to ship by today. now don't bother I don't want either pair now. I want a full refund & not some refund minus cancellation fees.

glasses are not suppose to take this long to make! she responded with her programmed verbage...we'll cancel the order and refund you certainly but with a 30% cancellation fee on lenses & 10% on frames. Told her she'll be hearing from my credit card company. (thankfully I used amex) Called amex right after, and told them to disput the charge because i'm getting the run around with this order.

this just happened so i'm hoping amex is able to cancel the entire payment. plus, when a company charges your credit card, it should show up as a pending authorization. until the order ships is when the payment should post to your statement. these go-optic theives actually put the entire charge through before the order is completed.

I've been wearing glasses for 25 years and have NEVER WAITED THIS LONG FOR GLASSSES TO BE MADE!

I can't believe they don't see any problems with the amount of time to process this order. Save yourself the frustration.

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